in the name of love at AALA Gallery

Danaus Plexippus for Galeria Melissa

Displaced Desire at LVL3 Gallery

Partner Work at 315 Gallery

NADA NY 2017

The Butterfly Reprise at A&L

Vital Enhancements at Good Work Gallery

When the Cat's Away, Abstraction at Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery

Together Again at Rice University


Melissa is pleased to present a new multimedia commission by British artist Cecilia Salama inspired by Melissa’s new “Mapping” collection, and the annual migratory patterns of Danaus Plexippus, the endangered Monarch Butterfly, whose Latin name translates to “pioneer,” “chariot driver,” or “wanderer.” Visitors are encouraged to reconnect to nature and diversify their environments by taking milk thistle seeds (the Monarch’s food staple) from the gallery and planting them in their neighborhoods. A potent symbol for immigration, butterflies appear on the Salama’s carpet created for the gallery and in four prints depicting their phases of life. In the artist’s customary style, a video transposes the delicate virtuosity of legendary gymnast and Romanian immigrant to the United States Nadia Comaneci with an animation of men unsuccessfully “surfing” an airplane and other fantastic visions in a meditation on the communal search for love.