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Universal Pavilions

When does the domain of the website you visit infiltrate the domain of your home? What has more of an impact in determining privacy- shutting your blinds or making your password stronger on your eBay account? Domain/Domain is the contemplation on the fluid state in which we live our lives– half physical, half connected by a computer. The internet is a dangerous gatekeeper. It allows us another level of privacy, enabling us to buy products in the comfort of our own homes. But the information stored in our (digital) keychains exposes us to a new kind of vulnerability, and suddenly we're faced with the possibility of losing this new type of privacy. The process of the works mimics this contemplation– half physical, half digital. Prints were created using images of sculptural work in process. Digital/physical motifs are focused on one particular room in a house, the “home office/gym”, serve as grounding objects; a pull up bar, casts of office chair mats and drawer organizers. Prints are then turned into stiffened fabric pieces called “intimacy shades”, and mats for the front door. These works present a new domesticity colored by the digital world, and probe what it truly means to do anything these days - in private.