in the name of love at AALA Gallery

Danaus Plexippus for Galeria Melissa

Displaced Desire at LVL3 Gallery

Partner Work at 315 Gallery

NADA NY 2017

The Butterfly Reprise at A&L

Vital Enhancements at Good Work Gallery

When the Cat's Away, Abstraction at Anna Jill Lüpertz Gallery

Together Again at Rice University

i made someone up so that i can get through showering everyday
she kind of looks like that girl from babeophone
the one with the bruised ass
but with a sweeter face

i haven’t spoken one word out loud in a week
but me and babe have had months of getting to know each other
i know her middle name and that she hates mint chocolate chip

it’s angel. her middle name.

sometimes i will leave my house just to walk in someone’s path, brush someone’s shoulder
buy something in a bodega and pay in cash so that when i get my change back another person touches my hand

because everything i need is at the touch of my fingertips. right? me and the screen

who invented that personal trainer app on your phone? i should be sure to thank them. no one has to see me sweat again plus i’ve got all the gear i need at home. babe likes me in shape.

i even fuck using my screen. babe doesn’t participate but she helps me pay in gifts from amazon prime after. touch of my fingertips.

Together again is a show that deals with the isolation of contemporary society due to an ever­ increasing level of digital ­based interactions. Regular human contact has become voluntary, without any hindrance to the productive nature of a member of society. This lack of intimacy is mimicked through the trope of a solo gymnast, practicing her routine alone. everyday home objects are manipulated and remade to hopefully provide reflection on the isolating nature of the domestic in contemporary society, and ask viewers to reconsider their home environment and the unexpected solitude it brings today.