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Universal Pavilions

SO WHAT SPACE is pleased to present Universal Pavilions, an exhibition by Cecilia Salama. Universal Pavilions features new multimedia works that explore the value of three-dimensionality in an increasingly virtual world.

Salama works to untether the bind between eye and screen while posing certain classical issues of painting into question. By combining oil paints and more traditional gestures of abstract expressionism with internet-friendly materials such as plastics, vinyls, and iridescent films that reflect the aesthetics of “futuristic” 2k13 design trends, Salama explores the implications of materiality in relation to painting’s confrontation with virtuality.

The only way to free the online user is to create objects that need to be experienced texturally. Salama investigates the potential of a material, in all its pre-virtual tactile glory, portrayed through a marriage of painting, sculpture and video. She reflects on the activation of the painting as an object and the vacillating hierarchy of the painting's surface versus its supporting structure.

Universal Pavilions exposes viewers to a spectrum of sheen, aiming to navigate the Internet user through a space not mediated by screens.