For the launch of the larger body hero line, we partnered with eight WNBA players living together in the Wubble during the pandemic to tell their stories of how they live, feel and use their bodies, and the unity they can command as team. It was very important to me to showcase these athletes in a beautiful way, as true body heroes, especially with the challenges they faced in light of the protesting against racial injustices that year. The casting of the athletes focused mainly on those who had been a part of the Social Justice Council of the WNBA that year. Because of the pandemic, all content was self-shot by the athletes themselves, which added to their genuine love for the body hero products after day-to-day use. This hero-film was then paired with ingredient-focused still life, skin details, and UGC-style performance marketing content.

Creative direction: Cherlyn Russo, Marie Suter
Art Direction: Cecilia Salama
Film edited by: Maddy Talias
Stills shot by: Raymond Meier, Dana Scruggs

Copyright Cecilia Salama 2023