The Tory Sport Spring 22 collection incorporates a whimsy of swimming colors, and swatches of patterns, inspired by a leader of abstract art – Sonia Delaunay – and her way of “simultaneous contrast” or “simulantism”, which means colors look different depending on what’s around them. Spring itself inspires an overload of stimuli, new growth, a sensual hangover. It is a sensational season. To supplement spring social/editorial content I want to visually conceptualize the collections’ inspirations of color, texture, and unconventionality, in an attempt to celebrate what we can learn from the blurring of our senses. In order to speak to the escapism, whimsical nature, and sensorial overload of spring, The Painted Bouquet was shot  pattern-on-pattern at a flower mart in Chelsea, and layered with vintage VHS footage of blooming flowers.

Stills shot by: Jai Odell
Models: Nour Lwasi and Maia Hannemann
Art Direction: Cecilia Salama
Video shot and edited by: Georgia Solley
Styled by: Brian Molloy
Hair/Makeup: Miwako Urasugi