custom ig filters

hand cream filter for glossier

i designed and developed glossier’s first interactive Instagram filter for our hand cream launch as a surprise and delight for our community to create a virtual “top-shelf”. programmed using spark ar which gained over 200,000 impressions and was used globally. 3d model by julia muntean.

basketballgirly™ filter

a filter to promote the launch of the first merch drop! and generate social content by the basketball communnity for the basketballgirly™ instagram.

all i want from glossier is...

a holiday-themed filter designed and developed using campaign illustrations and showcasing key products for gifting.


voting filter for glossier

designed and programmed a series of voting filters using spark ar to increase civic engagement to our communit and provide a “virtual voting sticker” to those who voted by mail or by absentee. shown worn by emily weiss, actress diane guerrero, and myself. 3d model by julia muntean.